PHLUR Austin office photo by Dos Mundos Creative


Growing an Audience & Building Partnerships for a Leading Luxury Fragrance w/a Conscience

When Eric Korman, former President of Ralph Lauren, reached out to us and said that they were looking for help doing marketing strategy, social media & creative production for their newly launched, gender neutral fragrance line, our team jumped at the challenge!

We worked with PHLUR to successfully develop social media content, content strategy and execution, while capturing ongoing product photography and videos. We sucesfully grew traction & created re-usable templates to guide frameworks for their internal teams on social media, building out engaging content that included gifs, videos, designs, holiday stop-motion campaigns as well as across all other digital channels & created successful influencer & creator campaigns that helped lay the groundwork for the global success story they are today!


Eric Korman, a former Ralph Lauren executive, has launched Phlur, a line of six unisex fragrances available exclusively online. You won’t find these scents – named Hanami, Olmsted & Vaux, Moab, Greylocke, Hepcat and Siano – in department stores or fancy boutiques.

Instead, as part of a new business model Korman says could transform the $30 billion global industry, customers can head to, read up on the fragrances and pick two they’d like to sample.

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PHLUR Austin office photo by Dos Mundos Creative