1 x
5x Increase in ecomm sales w/in 1 year of working together. 
+ 1 %
Organic visits increased by 190% w/in 1 month x still continuing to grow.
1 x
1 month after SEO, website sales increased by 3x min w/ some as high as 10x.

CASE STUDY Highlights

Creative & Campaign Strategy that Energized a New Brand to Become Amazon's Choice.

In 2021, after launching its first set of flavors, Gummishot reached out to Dos Mundos to lead ongoing brand creative consultation as well as produce branded photo shoots, videos, sizzle reels, ad strategy and foundational designs for marketing materials.

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Full-Service Evolution

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Brand Refresh
Creative Direction
New Imagery
Email Designs
Sizzle Reel
Ad Campaigns Production
Messaging strategy
Customer journey mapping

Gummishot is the first and only plant-based, naturally derived gummy on the market and the first DTC brand from Santa Cruz Nutritionals, the company that produces the majority of the gummy vitamins in Walmart as well as most of the other market-leaders in nutritional gummies. As a product of Santa Cruz Nutritionals, the product launched in 2021.

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// Creative brand strategy // Creative brand strategy // Creative brand strategy // Creative brand strategy //

With continued creative support, we have been able to become Amazon’s Choice for energy/caffeine gummies. This was a coordinated effort using messaging and creative tailored by Dos Mundos.

When we launched GummiShot, we had a calculated assumption on who our consumer was, but still needed to have a broad approach with our marketing. Dos Mundos, with limited direction, helped develop consumer groups we will be going after within our paid campaigns. This included messaging, photo/video production, and email design. Clear communication within shared documents and regular video calls allowed us to plan our digital campaigns and develop new messaging and creative from what we learned was performing. Their flexibility and quick adaptation with the data we were gathering allowed us to quickly see improvements in our marketing campaigns.


Real Results.

• 5x Increase in ecomm sales w/in 1year of working together. 

•Within the first month of adjustments to SEO x website sales increased by 3x minimum with some months as high as 10x. 

•Organic visits increased by 190% w/in one month still continuing to grow.

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