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CEO / Agency Partner

Kana LiVolsi

Kana LiVolsi is a leader in digital marketing & advocate for the empowerment of muted voices. A featured speaker with General Assembly, The Riveter, Social Media Week, Austin Start-up Week, Guaranteed to Wrinkle, and more, she is a mentor for SXSW, SKU, MassChallenge and the Kendra Scott Entrepreneurship Program at UT and  guest lectures at University of Texas Austin on Influencer & Brand.

Kana has been recognized as one of the Top CMOs of 2022 alongside executives from Pepsi, Bloomberg & more, as well as the Austin Under 40 Awards,  DivInc’s Champion’s of Change: Entrepreneur of the Year Award,  Austin Business Journal  Profiles in Power: Central Texas Women of Influence, Austin Business Journal’s Best CEO Awards, Austin Business Journal’s Women in Business Awards and many more. 

For over a decade, Kana focused on entertainment media, working in production for companies such as NBC, HBO, Showtime, BBC, Nike and MTV (every department from pre to post/marketing, including a brief stint in stunts) and transitioning into the digital publishing industry creating strategies for publishers and retailers such as Harper-Collins Publishing, Penguin, Simon & Schuster, Cox Media, Conde Nast, Google, Apple, Sony and Amazon. A pioneer in the eBook space, her creative campaigns as Marketing Director for BooksOnBoard included work with a wide array of partners from Tyra Banks, to the Daytime Emmys and Nascar, and helped the virtually unknown eCommerce store grow to be the #1 largest independent eBookstore in the world, #3 overall behind Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Kana’s diverse experience has ingrained a deep understanding of brand and creative strategy across consumer markets. This insight provides her with the tools to pivot under high pressure situations and create out-of-the-box opportunities for her clients for more impactful business development opportunities. All of which has allowed her to adapt quickly to meet the needs of Dos Mundos’ high-end clientele.


Kiko Hill

Sakiko, better known as Kiko, is a multifaceted creative with a focus on design & photography. Prior to joining the Dos Mundos Team Kiko planted her feet in the Bay Area & immersed in the scene there as a multimedia artist having her work displayed in numerous galleries.  When taking the reins on the marketing design for a particular show, Kiko realized she could combine both worlds of the art hemisphere. She continues to show her work in galleries and has had her eye behind the viewfinder & working with others in the Bay Area and Austin to help strengthen their brand.   Kiko’s core motivation is to help others through her community through design & collaboration. She believes designers are problem solvers & hold the key to creative solutions in any industry.

Agency Partner

Jane Hervey

Jane Hervey joins Dos Mundos as a core partner on brand culture, experience and identity development. Over the last ten years, she has founded and directed nonprofit and for-profit creative spaces and studios, including Future Front and group work, as well as a number of successful flagship events for arts and entertainment organizations. With this background, she brings thought leadership, systems-thinking and trusted creative processes to every client project and universe we create.

We love meeting interesting people & think everyone deserves beautiful, targeted branding — which is why Dos Mundos is a built-to-scale agency. Led by a core team of talented individuals, our crew has a diverse set of complementary skills & backgrounds that allows us to both lead & approach issues in exciting new ways. We have worked in many different areas of the creative world, cultivating a deep pool of experience & expertise. Prior to joining Dos Mundos, our team has worked with clients including HBO, MTV, Harper-Collins Publishing, Starbucks, Condé Nast, NBC, BBC, Google, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Nike, Adidas, & Amazon.

Prior to joining Dos Mundos, our team has worked with clients including :

✸ Harper-Collins Publishing
✸ Starbucks
✸ Condé Nast
✸ Google
✸ Sony
✸ Nike
✸ Adidas
✸ Amazon

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Our group is a bunch of straight-shooters, brimming with genuine Southern Hospitality and grit — but the traditional cowboy needs an upgrade. More diversity, less guns, less women tied to train tracks, and maybe one less can of baked beans. It’s time to shuffle the herd — to elevate and challenge the outdated.We put value on the two things that matter most (1) Quality and (2) Relationships. In the Dos Mundos tradition of balanced duality — aside from the fun metaphors (and the occasional fantastic pair of boots) we’re not exactly what our global Fortune 50 clientele expected when first pairing up with a Texas-based agency. Empowerment & Inclusion are the central pillars of every project.

As your digital Ranch-hands, we know human-connection & iconic brands “ain’t ever gon’ grow in comfort zones." The way we see it, the more difficult the obstacles facing your business, the greater the opportunity for growth — as long as you’re willing to break boundaries and challenge existing perspectives. At our core, we are mavericks. We’re willing to break the status-quo on the way that companies connect to consumers — pushing both our clients & ourselves to constantly step-it-up. Simply put, we know you want a partner that you can respect, one that helps you achieve your goals & that you enjoy working with. We look for the same.


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Mutual respect is our foundation. Everyone we work with is someone we trust day-to-day & would would enjoy grabbing dinner with.


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We’re a Team of Experts x Activists.

You deserve a team that treats your company like their own, which is why: 01. we only take on clients we know we can fully get behind to help succeed & 02. we keep a pulse on cutting edge trends & technology to guarantee you are getting the best for your brand.

At our core, we’re a team of perfectionists who want to help people & take a sense of pride in being deeply connected to how the market is evolving. We also cultivate relationships and pride ourselves on connecting our network to set you up with the partnerships you need to level-up.

From what our clients tell us — we’re dang good at what we do — that’s because we view every client relationship as a 2-way investment. You trust us with your brand, so it’s our job to hold our team, our taste & our work to the highest possible standard. The way we see it — our clients are awesome, so we better be too.


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