"Kana is so great to work with. She puts 120% effort into her projects & she goes above & beyond for her clients. She really brings exciting ideas along with a magnificent team to surround her."
BJ Johnson
Co-Owner || MVP Vodka
Former NFL Football Player, Denver Broncos
Dos Mundos Creative has been an incredible partner to us at TrendKite. They’ve delivered on a number of projects ranging from stunning presentations to interactive visualizations to foundational branding elements.

The team combines a great eye for detail with a purposeful and strategic approach to design. And they’re great people and a real pleasure to work with.

Kana’s one of my favorite people on the planet to work with. She’s thoughtful, super-smart, and principled. She also understands something very few people do: how to make design a truly strategic element in communications. And she’s an excellent businessperson and leader, setting high standards for her team and helping them to achieve excellence. If you get the chance to work with Kana, do it.
Russ Somers
VP Marketing || Trust Radius
I am so impressed with Kana and the Dos Mundos team. I urgently needed a sizzle video for a big sales meeting, and gave Dos Mundos a very rough brief with a very short deadline. Kana brought so much creative energy to the process, quickly learning our brand voice/aesthetic and seamlessly weaving brand elements into every shot. She also showed great skill in timing the soundtrack perfectly with the video, keeping the audience engaged on multiple levels. The team's commitment to perfection really showed, putting in several late nights on the phone with my team to make sure we met all of our objectives. The end result got all the key points across — and was visually engaging and really fun to watch!

My whole team — which has worked with many creative agencies — was impressed with what Dos Mundos created in such a short time frame, and I’ve gotten multiple requests for their contact info. Can’t wait to work with Dos Mundos again!
Sukanya Misra
Seventh Generation | Brand Manager
Dos Mundos Creative has been an excellent brand partner of ours for the past several years. Under Kana LiVolsi’s leadership, their agency’s hard work, dedication and ability to work collaboratively has helped our team achieve many of its goals.
Tracy Anderson
Celebrity FITNESS ICON /
Kana is an absolute powerhouse. She runs a thriving marketing agency Dos Mundos Creative in Austin and consistently delivers high-end content for a number of esteemed clients. Her prowess in management and production is what sets her apart from most agency founders. She’s not afraid to produce an entire project herself— from pre to post production— while simultaneously managing multiple other projects. I always jump at any opportunity to work with Kana and highly recommend her services.
Patrick Koitzch
Engagement Associate || Warner Music Group
This is the first time I’ve ever written praise for an agency, but Dos Mundos is a special case. In the wild west world that is digital marketing, Dos Mundos is the real deal, led by none other than the true creative visionary and strategic brand expert, Kana LiVolsi, who cares about every single client as though it is her own child.

Kana has shaped a team of talented communicators who have the presence, knowledge, and ability to take any brand or concept from chaos to clarity and make it shine. This is the one team with whom I turn to for advice rather than vice versa. Kana herself is a recognized speaker on the topic digital marketing, with a natural way of engaging the audience and making even the most complex or abstract concepts both clear and interesting. Her impeccable leadership style is very well received by all audiences and I am most eager to host her as a featured speaker whenever she visits the University of Texas at Austin.

Top global brands flock to Dos Mundos, not just for their expertise and extensive experience with numerous brands and scale of projects, but also for their ability to deliver and execute beyond promises and expectations.

Dos Mundos has had a lasting impact on every company I’ve ever known with whom I’ve referred, and changed the way I had thought about agency work. Kana is also very conscientious and will work hard to go above and beyond client deliverables – with an almost obsessive-like attention to detail and relentless work ethic, this is the team you want on your side.

I could not provide a higher endorsement, in fact, it’s worth the investment to have the experience of working with them.
Amanda Russell
Leading International Marketing Strategist
Professor of Marketing ( UCLA x UT Austin)
CMO // ValeoFit CEO // Fit Strong Sexy
Kana & her team are creative & unique. We really enjoyed their perspective & input on our projects. They were easy to work with & very responsive. I would recommend Dos Mundos to future clients.
Austin bloggers preview the new Blenders & Bowls fall menu. Pictures and invite designs by Dos Mundos Creative.
Kara Jordan
Co-Founder || Blenders & Bowls
I highly recommend working with the Dos Mundos team to act in a CMO capacity and dramatically increase your marketing ROI efforts in record time, if you are a funded startup, given that was our experience.

We started working with them on our investor decks, which was oversubscribed. Kana's ability to take the story and put it into a concise, easy-to-digest, and catching deck was instrumental in our raise. That work led to us engaging DMC for nearly a year on all aspects of marketing.

Kana and Jane are great strategists who can come in and assess all pieces of your marketing department from social to emails to growth. They know how to be scrappy and understand the mindset of early-stage companies. They also have an amazing eye for understanding the brand image and helping us move our creative in the right direction. They improved our marketing processes and helped us uplevel our strategic thinking and we are still executing on a number of the strategies.
Nathaniel Jewell
Founder & CEO || Recess.TV
Kana and her team are professional, thorough and responsive. Kana is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I appreciate her ability to stand in integrity and deliver insights and solutions, even if it's a difficult conversation around going in a different creative direction. I can always count on her to be truthful and have the client's best interest as her priority.
Nik Sallie
Facebook/ Meta
The one creed you hear when launching a startup: Only work with people who are the best at what they do. Working with Kana and the team at Dos Mundos Creative has been a testament to that every day, and we couldn’t feel more privileged having them as part of team zelf.

The passion, knowledge, and skill that Dos Mundos brings is way beyond anything we could have hoped for, with every individual - without exception - showing genuine care and going above and beyond to help us succeed. We couldn’t possibly ask for a better team on our side.
Pepjin Van Kestrin
Co-Founder || Zelf.
I’ve hired Dos Mundos Creative several times over the past couple of years for video shoots and photography and I’ve always been very happy with the quality of work and the turnaround time! I’ve also referred Dos Mundos Creative to other clients for marketing, web development, and videography and they’ve been very happy as well.
Jane Ko
owner || A Taste Of Koko
Dos Mundos Creative has earned our repeat business — time and time again. The end products are always polished and ready to publish for our audience of thousands of education professionals. Kana brings tremendous creative direction to video shoots and production. Her tactful honesty and cutting-edge insights have been invaluable to each project. We love giving our business to good people, and Kana and Dos Mundos Creative are good people
Samantha Becker
Executive Director of Creative + Communications || University Technology Office Arizona State University
If what you need involves creativity, organization, and quality, Dos Mundos can deliver it. I have worked with Kana as a co-producer, co-writer, and director, and in all of those engagements, Kana shined. I would recommend Kana and Dos Mundos to anyone for just about anything.
Nathan Ehrmann
Technical Architect || Salesforce
Dos Mundos did an incredible job of taking our brand and media assets and transform them into something that we were finally proud of and that got our message across. They are fast, effective, and intuitive as a team. They were also able to take our guidance and think outside of the box coming up with ways of presenting our ideas that were more succinct and beautiful. Thanks Kana, Parker, and Dos Mundos!
Chris Sica
CRO | The Ronin Society
Dos Mundos is nothing short of creative! We brought our brand to them to help us elevate to the next level and that they did. Updating color pallets, crisp photography, and new assets and templates to help us deliver consistency to our customers through our online profiles, web, and content has allowed us to continue to be seen as the leader in the space that we are. As we evolve, our brand needs to evolve too, and it was a fun process getting to partner with Dos Mundos to see that evolution be actualized.
Shayda & Sydney Torabi
Founders | RESTART CBD
I had the best session with Dos Mundos Creative when they shot promotional photos for my show and website. They took my vision and made it a reality. I knew that I was going to be very happy with final product because of their attention to detail, creativity, and professionalism.
Vanessa Gonzalez
Comedian || HBO x Comedy Central
I hired DMC right before Covid, and everything we had talked about in regards to design and branding I was ready to throw out the window as my whole world had shifted. I am a musician and I do live events and with Covid, I had NO idea what to do. Kana and her team met with me regularly throughout 2020 helping not just talk about my website (which I hired them to do), but go above and beyond and help me with everything – pivoting, new ideas, how to build on what I have, mental health... I MEAN EVERYTHING).

They truly gave me so much life through a very dismal time. I felt inspired and excited for what could come next, even if it might have to wait for 2021. They worked with my budget and created something magical – even better than what I could imagine. I have had some hiccups on my side, and they've been there all along responding very quickly! I truly don't know what I would have done without them. They take my crazy ideas and flow and turn it into something that is very easy to understand.

Dos Mundos Creative is more than just a branding, website design/building agency... they are the real deal and the full package and make you feel just as important as a client with a huge budget. I am so grateful I found them and grateful to continue to work with them. They are my GO TO!!! And it's female-founded, so that's also a plus in my book!
Cassandra Shankman
Dos Mundos designed our first logo, and it was modern, trendy, yet somehow timeless. They ushered a tiny project into becoming a large brand, and we have referred many happy clients to them. Kana’s listening skills and creativity are superior, and her ability to spot trends before they’re mainstream is uncanny. We owe so much to her!!!
Lani Rosales
COO || The American Genius
Kana and her team have the eye! We are thrilled with our website and brand.
Austin bloggers preview the new Blenders & Bowls fall menu. Pictures and invite designs by Dos Mundos Creative.
Erin Thompson
owner || Blenders & Bowls
Dos Mundos Creative has brought so much brilliance, forward thinking, and creativity to my business. They are my go-to team when my business needs a brand refresh or a new project needs development. From the start of any project all the way to finish, they give you the combination of personalized attention and exceptional talent that’s rare to come by. They listen to what you want, give you honest feedback on what best serves you, and are transparent with what they’re doing, so you never feel in the dark.” Bottom line, they have the integrity and expertise that any business owner needs on their team. I’ve worked with DMC for a few years now, and look forward to continuing to work together as my business grows and expands.
Raquel Greer Gordian
Owner || Greer Image Consulting
Working with Dos Mundos Creative enabled us to rapidly give our company the face and voice that was needed to garner investment and public awareness in the earliest of stages. The Dos Mundos team was able to sit down with us and, after only a handful of touch-points, develop a comprehensive understanding of our product, exactly where it needed to be taken, and how it should be positioned. We brought a good deal of tech sales jargon to the table which was received with clear, timely steps forward, and a dynamic game plan for building a brand that didn’t yet visually exist. Partnering with a reliable branding team made the inevitably complicated process of growing a start-up that much less complicated. I would definitely recommend them.
Tyler Fox
CEO x Co-Founder || Skadaddle
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kana on multiple projects over the last few years. From branding my own business to photography, videography, and design – her creative abilities seem to be boundless. Besides being a creative wizard, my favorite part of working with Kana is her willingness and passion to help her clients and friends. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard this girl say no. She truly loves what she does and it’s 100% apparent in her work and how she treats her clients. I’m grateful for her support over the last few years and can’t wait to partner again in the future.
Sara Hussey
Owner || Sara Hussey Public Relations
We worked with Dos Mundos Creative to update our Primary Sizzle Reel to incorporate all the new features and updates we had made to our tech since our initial sizzle release. They also provided some much needed visual improvements from our initial cut. We were extremely happy with the final outcome, and the new voice over and technical visualizations really came together. Their team was extremely communicative with ours, quickly responding to all our comments and edits, while providing clear feedback with the weight of any of those adjustments—they were still able to manage making all the requests we pushed through, and still release the final version to our team on time.
Grant Gorton
VP Creative || KERV Interactive
Dos Mundos was an amazing resource for our comedy production group, Bad Example. Their team provided us great input on how to optimize our social media presence and worked with us to create a simple, eye-catching logo that has already received positive feedback. They were an absolute delight to work with. I highly recommend Dos Mundos Creative to help push your brand to the next level. We will be using them!