Restaurant Industry // COVID-19 Tools

by dosmundos
March 24, 2020

GETTING x GIVING AID — Add Your Name to these Lists of Help Others Who Need Help

    • COVID-19 Affected Austin Service Industry – Support Friends and Neighbors SEE FULL LIST
    • Buy from Local Establishments to Help Keep Them Afloat — Give Local / Buy Gift Cards SEE MORE 
    •  I Lost My Gig. Find Artists to Donate to or Add your Venmo to the list VIEW SITE
    • ATX Servers & Bartenders Direct Relief Fund — JOIN GROUP
    • USBG National Charity Foundation —Bartender Emergency Assistance Program Grant — APPLY NOW
    • There’s a group where ATX servers/bartenders can submit a post with their week’s lost wages and Austinites can send a little help their way directly. If everyone on this page were able to send a $5 “tip” to a person on the page – it would make a world of a difference for those individuals.


    • Expert Mentor Jane Ko’s List of Austin Restaurants Offering Curbside & Takeout Food SEE LIST
    • Takeout Tracker — See which bars and restaurants are open for pick up VIEW SITE 
    • Chipotle Offering Free Delivery Through March
    • Meal Resources for Texas Gulf Coast Students & Families LEARN MORE


    • Central Texas Food Bank Can Help — Map of locations offering Assistance SEE MAP
    • Texas Students MealFinder Map — searchable online map to help parents locate facilities serving in their communities while schools are closed. LEARN MORE