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Who knew that reaching out to sponsors for a charity event could lead to meeting one of our favorite clients? We approached MVP Vodka ( started by former pro-footballers Roy Williams and BJ Johnson ) about donating to our SXSW showcase Comedy Underground. During our conversation we found out they needed a sleek, smooth website to match their amazing product. A few meetings later and a trip to Dallas to their factory and a few of their favorite bars to capture some material and the website was underway.


When Roy Williams and BJ Johnson arrived at the University of Texas in 2000, they were two of the most talented receivers in the country. Their skills helped coach Mack Brown bring winning back to Austin, with Roy “The Legend” Williams ranking #1 in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns, and BJ “Kingfish” Johnson ranking 4th in receptions, 3rd in receiving yards and 2nd in receiving touchdowns. Leaving the Forty Acres for the NFL, where Johnson played for the Denver Broncos and Williams played for the Chicago Bears, the Dallas Cowboys and was a first-round draft pick and Pro Bowler for the Detroit Lions, they poured their Texas spirit into every play. Lucky for you, now you can pour it into every glass.

Williams and Johnson left the NFL, but they quickly became teammates in a whole new arena. After a vodka company investment deal fell through, the duo decided to create their own craft-distilled vodka. The ultimate goal? To make a premium product that appealed to sports fans and party-goers alike. Just like that, No.4 and No.82 were back at it. Yes, a grain. After countless hours of research and testing, the guys made their pick. “Most American vodkas are made with corn,” says Johnson. “We wanted MVP to be special, so we chose to use Hard Winter Red Wheat from Plainview, Texas because of its smooth finish.” After all, what’s more American than wheat?”


Kana is so great to work with. She puts 120% effort into her projects and she goes above and beyond for her clients. She really brings exciting ideas along with a magnificent team to surround her.

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Real Results.

1,316% + AVG. ↑ To website in < 3 months.

2.8x AVG. ↑ in New Audience reached each month.

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The Solution.

We created videos, photos, added specialized event plug-ins and store locators so that customers could easily find their rapidly growing product and we continually add to the site and make new content for the brand.

Go-To Market Strategy

Starting from a higher level — we knew the overall storytelling of Greer Image Consulting had to be tightened up to accompany the very genuine and powerful pillars that the brand was built on. Beyond leading the user or client through a simple menu of Raquel’s offerings, we needed to make them feel the same way they would after spending 30 minutes IRL with this boss babe: empowered, understood, and ready to get out there.


Brand Video

Including Video on your website makes it 50x more likely to appear on the 1st page of a search engine results. It also just looks really damn good. One of our first approaches for this project was to bank a solid amount of B-roll footage that we could splash across the Greer Image Consulting landing page. We knew that we wanted to capture the more human and textural/colorful moments that make up a typical styling session with Raquel.


Editorial Photography

From the jump, elevating the photography style for Greer Image Consulting was a huge priority. Each image, whether pushed to social or used as elements on the website, was a chance to dive even deeper into Raquel’s abilities. The key here was to capture more of Raquel’s very happy — and confident — clientele, as well as giving Raquel her own spotlight as well.

Web Refresh. 

After building our repertoire of assets for the next phase of Greer Image Consulting, it was time to let them be seen, and to drive each potential client further towards their own moment of self-love in fashion. Our team reworked the overall web flow and visual design of Raquel’s website to bring her style to the screen. We knew a more editorial and overall high-end web structure would not only clean up the site aesthetically, but simplify the path to inquiry that each user would have to navigate.