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CASE STUDY Highlights

The executives of this Austin-based data recovery x cyber security firm approached Dos Mundos for a total level-up, starting with a full rebuild of their website and bringing in a more personable, humorous approach to their brand voice and digital marketing channels.

Full-Service Evolution

We started our work with building out a fresh set of branding guidelines, introducing updated brand colors and fonts for digital use, and honing in on a new, approachable way to speak to their customers’ tech-pains. Dos Mundos developed an entirely different visual direction across their branding and website, woven into their overall outbound marketing strategy. Utilizing more people-first imagery and an empathetic narrative throughout the brand messaging — we established a new way of capturing the Flashback Data services, culture, and the people who started it.  

Our team rebuilt and restyled the Flashback Data website from the ground up. We knew the most important piece of the puzzle was optimization of customer flow, from inquiry to conversion, and driving two different user types — those in need of cyber security and those in need of data recovery — to their proper destinations. The original site had an immense amount of technical language and specified content which we folded into a more organized and easy-to-be-understood presentation.

Our design team produced an original set of social media templates, brochures, and even an updated investor deck to give this brand the competitive [digital] edge it needed in a crowded landscape. 

We developed several highly targeted email marketing sequences and scaled up the frequency at which the company was reaching their audience across social media — giving customers more opportunity to opt in, and providing even more clarity around why Flashback Data would be the right service provider for them.

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Flashback Data is an expert services firm specializing in digital forensics, data recovery and incident response services. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, its principals include attorneys and retired law enforcement and intelligence personnel. Since 2004, the firm has been serving clients worldwide, including law firms, large enterprise, state and federal agencies, and foreign governments.

Kana is creative and unique. I really enjoyed her perspective and input on my projects. She was easy to work with and very responsive. I would recommend her to future clients.