Astrol.IG Monthly Horoscope — Libra

And we’re back! with another Astrol.IG post. I personally am so sad that virgo season is ending, says the virgo in me, me, me… but what can you do. Libras — now it’s your turn to be in the astrological spotlight. Let’s see what the planets are cooking up for you this month.


Libra season will start on a high note!

The Sun enters Libra on September 22 which means it’s time for you to hit the reset button. Tie up loose ends and start fresh. The new moon is just around the corner, so preparing yourself for this time of rebirth will allow you to flourish come October 8th. Nothing feels better than taking on the new lunar cycle with a plan. Libras are notoriously indecisive, but try your hardest this month to find tasks you want to channel your energy into fully by starting and finishing them.
Towards the very end of September, you might find yourself dealing with heavy emotions and extra sensitivity. I encourage you not to fight this Libra! Take your emotions as they come and use your prudent nature and keen intellect to understand where they’re coming from and why
Speaking of moody, this whole summer might have been a particularly tempramental time for you. Nearly half of the planets have been resting in retrograde for months, but fear not! This time is coming to an end and subsequently, you’re about to be propelled forward in your thinking, actions and relationships. With the coming of the new moon, I urge you to pick a passion project and focus on it for the next four weeks.

On October 24th, Venus sextiles Saturn.

This means that the powers that be will begin to cooperate smoothly, inspire and encourage one another. Venus, your ruling planet, represents love and harmony, while Saturn represents restrictions. Balance and limitation might seem like a match to curb all imagination, one of Libras biggest assets. However, all this really means is that you might be a bit more dependent on others for help. Take this opportunity to revive a business connection, ask your senior for help, reach out to the new guy and make something impressive, together. With your illustrious Libran charm, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble recruiting others for your team. You might also mention to your colleagues that, according to your horoscope, you’re said to have extra opportunities and good luck coming your way! A “Help me help you” type situation

Example A

No matter what your projects looks like this month, your work ethic is going to pay off. October is going to be a stellar time for you in the financial sector. Don’t ask me why — just thank your lucky stars and spend that influx of money wisely.


Things are looking up for you Libras. I hope you take this advice and live your birthday month to the fullest, in work and in play. I will leave you with this — Libras can always serve to carve out more time in their schedule for themselves. As much as you guys value balance, you sometimes forget to find it in areas other than work. 
Astrol.IG Monthly Horoscope — Virgo



Big news people. DMC is embarking on a new frontier — the universe.
Come again?

No no, you heard me. Our heads have been in the clouds so long we figured we might as well embrace it, right?  Plus, it’s really too hot down here on Earth, so the non-physical realm seemed like a refreshing place to find ourselves at the end of this scorching summer.  
Although I’m not an actual astrologist (← disclaimer), I’ve done my research, pulled together some planetary factoids and crafted my very first horoscope. Yes people, we’re talking astrology!
This is especially exciting because the stars (hah!) of the first ever DMC Astrol.IG are none other than the most misunderstood creatures on the astrological chart — Virgos. I love Virgos (a. because I am one, but b.) because they’re notoriously difficult to figure out. They of course know this, but have learned how to deal. 
PSA for all you other signs reading this: my advice to you this month is to latch onto the Virgos  in your office. Don’t let their opinionated nature scare you away. They’re not cold, they’re just more careful about getting close to others.  But according to the sky, right now is pretty much their time to shine. This month, Virgo is synonymous with money & moves. Literally the planets could not be in a better position for these already intense go getters.


So listen up, Virgos — it’s time.  

Everybody knows that Virgos make great employees (says the resident Virgo intern and keeper of the blog as she takes on her groundbreaking, new internal role as universal messenger (subtly seeking approval and affirmation via this post)). They’re workaholics who won’t quit until their work comes as close to perfection as possible. With their intense critical thinking skills, analytical nature and keen eye for detail, the Virgo in your office is definitely keeping tabs on the work everyone else is doing, and secretly scoring your competence level based on the grammatical accuracy of your emails.
I’d like to tell Virgo to chill out a little this month, pull back on the “all work no play” throttle for once in your life my goodness. But alas, the universe is aligned at this moment in time so that you should in fact do the exact opposite. Here’s why:


On September 6th, Mercury enters Virgo

— which is huge. Mercury is Virgo’s ruling sign and never fails to make a splash, good or bad, in their work, social or romantic life. This time around, Mercury will bring Virgo out of their beloved shell and catapult them into a period of profound creativity. So don’t be afraid to express yourself in every area of your work this month, Virgo.
Ruling Mercury paired with Jupiter’s presence in your communication center until November means that grace and charm will literally be pouring out of you and into the conversations you have this month. Use this energy to have that meeting with your boss you’ve been thinking about for weeks. Tell your team about the passion project you’ve been dreaming up, then take a leap of faith and do the damn thing. Your intelligence, common sense and committed attitude will convince those around you that your ideas are good ones.


There’s no better time to start something new than when there is a new moon in the sky.

A new lunar cycle begins September 9th, which is why this week is the perfect time to craft a clean slate and then immediately take on new ideas in big ways. This might sound like a bold move, but trust me Virgo, the stars have your back. Mars moves into your work sector on September 10th, and this time, he means business. Mars’ presence will spark ambition, endurance and major momentum within you. Use these forces of nature to excel in your workplace like I know you want to. Virgos thrive on success, especially the kind that comes from within.


Basically, Virgo, the time is now. Go big or go home this month, the universe has placed the ball in your court. Make that massive to do list and start checking things off, big and small. Channel your inner Beyonce (also a virgo) and make sh*t happen!

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