How DMC Does ACL Fest



Welcome to Austin, y’all. Live music capital of the world! If you’re in Austin this weekend, odds are you’ve heard about ACL Fest. For the next two weekends, Zilker Park is going to be bopping with non-stop music across 8 different stages from over 100 featured artists, big and small. Word on the street it that this year, ACL has (yet again) added even more fun to the mix. The silent disco is back, the food cart line-up has expanded, and there are even more Camelbak water stations around the park this year! Hydration hell yeah!!

ACL Fest is such a scene. Everyone in our office has been buzzing about it for weeks now, planning their schedules for music, food and even what their going to wear. I’m sure a few people (Parker) have even already prepped and polished their Instagram captions too. It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how… so prepare yourself to have the best jam packed weekend of October. Here’s how:  


ACL is undoubtedly a prime photo op for you and your girl gang. Don’t let this stress you out though, wear what you’re most comfortable in! Also, peep this graphic Kelly made to help you keep your festival best from straying down the culturally appropriative path. And don’t forget to download the ACL Fest app so that you can personalize your schedule, check out this year’s festival gear, and memorize the stage set up days in advance. Be the friend in your ACL troup who is in the know (and thank me later).


My favorite part of ACL is the music. This year, I’m most looking forward to seeing Justice, David Byrne and the great Sir Paul McCartney. And of the smaller caliber acts: Moses Sumney, Big Thief, Noname and Blood Orange. An eclectic group of artists make up most of my top 10 — what about yours? Who are you most excited to see this weekend?


The second best part of ACL is the food! Seriously, ACL Eats is my favorite stage. This year, in addition to the food court on the north side of the park, ACL is adding food vendors to a food court on the south side of Zilker too! Austin is such a foodie city and the all star cast making up these food courts exudes this thoroughly. Mighty Cone, Amy’s Ice Cream, Wholly Cow Burgers and Fries, Austin’s Pizza, Bananarchy, the Ruler of all that is good and vegetable in Austin Juiceland… I could go on! You guys, trust me when I say you need to plan your meals wisely. I know that the music perpetually calls, but you can and should totally make time to refuel your weary dancing bodies. You won’t regret trying out any of these local Austin vendors.   

Other sweet spots to take a break from the masses and music are the ACL Wine Lounge and Beer Hall. In past years, my friends and I have made the wine lounge our designated meet up spot. Not a bad place to regroup, chill out in the shade and wine down in between shows (also a great backdrop for pics!).

There’s also the silent disco — the strangest looking event, but most unique beat happening under the Tito’s tent for sure. It’s fun to partake, but equally as fun to stand by and watch people slip on their headphones and get down to music only they can hear.

Other tips for making your ACL weekend everything and more:
  • Drink water
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Bring ibuprofen, just in case
  • Don’t forget your inflatable couch thing
  • Activate your wristband before you arrive at the park
  • Go cashless! Link your credit card to your wristband so you can worry about one less thing
  • If you’re bringing a bag, make sure its size is ACL approved
  • Ride your bike to Barton! It’s fun and eco friendly!
  • If you’re going to try and get to the front for your favorite closing act, go before you go!
  • Be safe and aware of your surroundings
  • Take full advantage of all things Austin, TX before and after the festival
Be safe + Have fun!
Foodstagrammable Austin Spots

But what’s a foodstagram, you ask?

Are you the friend in your group who cannot eat without getting a photo of each and every delectable morsel of food? Do you often order items or try out restaurants simply because their food aesthetic is sexier than your own? Wait don’t eat that! Gimme some light! Can we try and get a more alluring angle on that apple pie?
We get it, we’re like you too.  We love eating food, but we’re also huge advocates for the age old saying, take a picture, it’ll last longer.   
In the spirit of this maxim, we’ve comprised a list of 5 of the most instagrammable spots to dine in Austin.  And as every good foodstagramer knows, it’s important to try and hit every corner of the globe (even if only from the four corners of your own city):



Un goûter de la vie en rose est ici! This chic new French restaurant downtown is sprawling.  Spanning almost the entire block, Le Politique is a restaurant, bar and patisserie with delicacies out the wazoo!  They’ve got cheese boards, wine straight out of the south of France and fruits de mer on display at the bar. And then for dessert, their pastry shelf is stocked full of croissants, tarts, cakes and macaroons that will have you drooling.  Throw a latte or cappuccino into the mix and your pre indulgent pics will have your followers asking themselves, “how did I miss her moving to France?”



This place is seriously so cool.  Located downtown, the Easy Tiger Beer Garden and Bakery is a place as saucy as its name.  After entering through the bakery, you can either head downstairs into the beer cave or outside to their deck patio complete with a gorgeous ivy coated wall, and ping pong tables!   Either is the perfect backdrop for snapping the goods you’ll get at Easy Tiger. They’ve got thirteen different types of bread, pastries, Easy Boards that each come with a different assortment of meats and cheeses, and beer flights or pints to go with ‘em!  It’s a guaranteed picturesque taste of Germany on our very own 6th street… so prosit!



Pizza. Enough said, am I right? Bufalina is the perfect destination for a date night set in Italy by way of east Cesar Chavez. Their pizzas are incredible, simple yet unique.  Last time I was there I got a roasted mushroom pizza topped with lemon, ricotta, fontina and garlic chives. And yes, you guessed it, it looks as good as it sounds.



There will be ample amounts of time to gram whilst waiting in the Franklin’s line, however, once you finally get your hands on the meats, you’ll have to fight that urge to dig right in. Do it for the gram! People travel from far and wide to try this world famous BBQ, and let me be the millionth patron to confirm to all the first timers out there that it is indeed worth it.



So you’re feeling green, healthy, looking for a super foodie meal to jumpstart that cleans you’ve been on the brink of starting for a couple of days (weeks) now… but, being the social x functional foodie that you are, you still want something that doesn’t look as bad as a kale smoothie sounds.  Blenders and Bowls is the place for you. Their bowls and smoothies are packed with acai antioxidant magic, fruits, veggies and all those other good for your heart, brain and body foods we all should strive to eat more of. But not only are these bowls good for the temple that is your body, they’re also ready made for your fitstagram feed.  Peep their instagram for proof!

Is your mouth watering yet?  I know mine is… all over my keyboard as I write this and think about which one I want for dinner tonight.  It’s tough decisions like these that make us winners, am I right? Now, go forth and make all your friends jealous of the food you’re eating and the good life you’re living.  And for even more restaurant recs and palatable pics, follow our friend Rachel Holtin on Instagram @austinfoodstagram!

Happy Weekend and Happy Eating! 


EVENTS | SXSW Essentials

Seriously, how great would it be if our essentials were really just a backpack, sunglasses, hat and, of course, couple bottles of vodka?

The hat sunglasses and bag were used, but unfortunately, with this being our busiest time of year there were not many drinks to be had by the Dos Mundos Team. Not that we are complaining though — we thrive when we are this productive.

This being some of our team’s 10th year of attending, we are always amazed at how energy of SXSW pulses through the city of Austin. The excitement is infectious and at times it is hard to remember to slow down and enjoy. However, the one thing we’ve learned about attending this festival is that once you get there, plan to stay there all day. It is almost impossible to get in and out of the city, not to mention the parking situation — so having a well-planned bag is a must.

Here’s a peek at the basics in our SXSW survival list:

  • Mac Laptop  | we’ve got the new one, which is great for editing videos and photos on the spot)
  • Sony A7ii | In our opinion the best compact camera for capturing quality video + stills
  • 24-70 lens | allows for a decent distance range without being too bulky or too limiting
  • Lacie Hard Drive | for storing all that beautiful footage 😉
  • Sunglasses | we ALWAYS lose ours so these are freebies from the Mashable House
  • Janessa Leone Hat
  • Backpack ( from our local favorite Dylan Wylde)
  • Comfortable pair of Nike Airmax tennis shoes or a fine pair of boots depending on whether it is music or interactive ( we go a little more casual + sporty for the music portion)
  • Thunderbird + BoBo’s Oat Bars | Both gluten-free, no artificial sweeteners and they are gluten free!
LOST LOGOS | Under the Sun PR
Under the Sun has changed to another name that fits the company even more perfectly, so we are currently playing with new logo ideas for that, but in the meantime we decided to go ahead and share one of the logos from our process! As designers, sometimes projects change for the better but we still love the work we do and want to share, so we’ve decided to start posting some of our “lost logos.” Enjoy!
HOLIDAYS | It’s Halloween Season Again!
It’s our favorite time of year again — Halloween! Although we love the holiday we don’t like the gory decor it can sometimes come with in our own homes, so we try and find something a little more lighthearted ( and that goes with our current color palette) like these white skulls inspired by Dia De Los Muertos by Andrew Crosby. What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for Halloween?
HOLIDAYS | Happy Holidays from DMC!

Happy Holidays The DMC Team!

Big thanks to our talented friends In Your Eyes Photography for taking the great photos ! We can’t recommend them highly enough if you are getting married anytime in the near future they are some of the best in the industry — plus they are a pleasure to work with! We had such an amazing time!

EVENTS | Fall Headshot Event
We had an amazing time at our headshot event, thank you to everyone who came out to make this a success.

We also want to give a special shout-out to our PHENOMENAL hair and make-up team Alfonso Hernandez and Sarah Swofford! They are not only amazing artists, but they were just completely on-top of their game during this shoot. While juggling a hectic 3-set shoot, they also worked as our hype-team; they kept the energy level super high while simultaneously doing hair and make-up touch ups. We couldn’t have done it without them, and we think the photos speak for themselves. Thanks, Alfonso and Sarah!

BTS | Behind The Scenes Of DMC’s Product Shoot
We finally got to put to use the amazing set our resident production design expert Will built!
PEOPLE | Welcome Chris Sebilia To The DMC Team!
Dos Mundos is pleased to welcome Chris Sebilia to the team. To learn more about our new creative powerhouse, we thought, “who better to conduct an interview than Chris himself?” Here are five questions for Chris…from Chris.

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