From the 1980’s -early 2000’s Valeo was the go-to fitness equipment brand. However, they got lost in the digital age. In fact, prior to when we started working together they had no web presence whatsoever. So, working with fitness influencer and UCLA Professor of Marketing — as well as the new face of Valeo —Amanda Russell, we were tasked with picking up after the Valeo logo was complete and creating a brand voice and aesthetic that would resonate and compete in the modern market. Because we all know branding is MUCH more than your logo.


We created a fresh feel for the brand with inspiration from Outdoor Voices and Refinery29. Brighter, unisex color palettes and a more inclusive and diverse presence both in the styled shoots and social media presence — all in the span of a month, when we turned over the new brand and marketing strategies for them to move forward with to the Valeo team to move forward with and maintain in preparation for their meetings with many major whole sellers, which thanks to our teamwork with Amanda they were able to lock in a large percentage of. This fresh branding allowed Valeo to regain footing in the fitness realm, got them back on the shelves and proved that they could pivot and are here to stay. In 2019 Valeo Fit’s goal of selling was accomplished as a result of the efforts made.


“Quality Fitness Equipment for all Fitness Levels. Valeo Fit is creating a community of people who are engaged in every step of the fitness journey. Powered by interaction, motivated by guidance from top experts, and supported by the community. Be Valeo Fit. “