& Bowls

From Foodtruck to National Grocery Store Staple.

When we first met Blenders & Bowls that had just launched their first Brick & mortar location downtown and were looking for a parter to lead a rebrand that would help them meet their expansion goals as well as provide marketing & creative support for the entire phygital customer experience. From Packaging, to in-store murals, decor, merch, menus, street signage, evnt pop-ups, ecommerce, content production & more.

Kana is creative and unique. I really enjoyed her perspective and input on my projects. She was easy to work with and very responsive. I would recommend her to future clients.


Blenders & Bowls is the product two lifelong best friends, Erin and Kara, and their shared love of smoothie bowls.

In 2010, these adventurous and free-spirited women moved from Hawaii to Austin. It didn’t take long for them to fall hard for the “live music capital of the world,” but something was missing — açaí — the Brazilian superfruit that they came to love in Hawaii because it made them feel amazing!

What started as a mean craving for an açaí bowl led to the creation of Blenders and Bowls. It was only a few short months between idea and creation. In a rush to share the flavor of açaí with Austin, Erin and Kara opened Blenders and Bowls as a healthy mobile food truck. It was a big hit! Within 10 years, Blenders and Bowls grew from that single food truck to five brick and mortar shops.

Now, Blenders & Bowls is a household name in Austin, Texas! They didn’t stop there! Erin and Kara now have the freezer version of their product hitting frozen sections of grocery stores nationwide!