But what’s a foodstagram, you ask?

Are you the friend in your group who cannot eat without getting a photo of each and every delectable morsel of food? Do you often order items or try out restaurants simply because their food aesthetic is sexier than your own? Wait don’t eat that! Gimme some light! Can we try and get a more alluring angle on that apple pie?
We get it, we’re like you too.  We love eating food, but we’re also huge advocates for the age old saying, take a picture, it’ll last longer.   
In the spirit of this maxim, we’ve comprised a list of 5 of the most instagrammable spots to dine in Austin.  And as every good foodstagramer knows, it’s important to try and hit every corner of the globe (even if only from the four corners of your own city):


LE POLITIQUE — https://www.instagram.com/lepolitiqueaustin/

Un goûter de la vie en rose est ici! This chic new French restaurant downtown is sprawling.  Spanning almost the entire block, Le Politique is a restaurant, bar and patisserie with delicacies out the wazoo!  They’ve got cheese boards, wine straight out of the south of France and fruits de mer on display at the bar. And then for dessert, their pastry shelf is stocked full of croissants, tarts, cakes and macaroons that will have you drooling.  Throw a latte or cappuccino into the mix and your pre indulgent pics will have your followers asking themselves, “how did I miss her moving to France?”


EASY TIGER — https://www.instagram.com/easytigeratx/

This place is seriously so cool.  Located downtown, the Easy Tiger Beer Garden and Bakery is a place as saucy as its name.  After entering through the bakery, you can either head downstairs into the beer cave or outside to their deck patio complete with a gorgeous ivy coated wall, and ping pong tables!   Either is the perfect backdrop for snapping the goods you’ll get at Easy Tiger. They’ve got thirteen different types of bread, pastries, Easy Boards that each come with a different assortment of meats and cheeses, and beer flights or pints to go with ‘em!  It’s a guaranteed picturesque taste of Germany on our very own 6th street… so prosit!


BUFALINA — https://www.instagram.com/bufalinapizza/

Pizza. Enough said, am I right? Bufalina is the perfect destination for a date night set in Italy by way of east Cesar Chavez. Their pizzas are incredible, simple yet unique.  Last time I was there I got a roasted mushroom pizza topped with lemon, ricotta, fontina and garlic chives. And yes, you guessed it, it looks as good as it sounds.


FRANKLIN BBQ — https://www.instagram.com/franklinbbq/

There will be ample amounts of time to gram whilst waiting in the Franklin’s line, however, once you finally get your hands on the meats, you’ll have to fight that urge to dig right in. Do it for the gram! People travel from far and wide to try this world famous BBQ, and let me be the millionth patron to confirm to all the first timers out there that it is indeed worth it.


BLENDERS AND BOWLS — https://www.instagram.com/blendersandbowls/

So you’re feeling green, healthy, looking for a super foodie meal to jumpstart that cleans you’ve been on the brink of starting for a couple of days (weeks) now… but, being the social x functional foodie that you are, you still want something that doesn’t look as bad as a kale smoothie sounds.  Blenders and Bowls is the place for you. Their bowls and smoothies are packed with acai antioxidant magic, fruits, veggies and all those other good for your heart, brain and body foods we all should strive to eat more of. But not only are these bowls good for the temple that is your body, they’re also ready made for your fitstagram feed.  Peep their instagram for proof!

Is your mouth watering yet?  I know mine is… all over my keyboard as I write this and think about which one I want for dinner tonight.  It’s tough decisions like these that make us winners, am I right? Now, go forth and make all your friends jealous of the food you’re eating and the good life you’re living.  And for even more restaurant recs and palatable pics, follow our friend Rachel Holtin on Instagram @austinfoodstagram!

Happy Weekend and Happy Eating!