EVENTS | SXSW Essentials
Seriously, how great would it be if our essentials were really just a backpack, sunglasses, hat and, of course, couple bottles of vodka?

The hat sunglasses and bag were used, but unfortunately, with this being our busiest time of year there were not many drinks to be had by the Dos Mundos Team. Not that we are complaining though — we thrive when we are this productive.

This being some of our team’s 10th year of attending, we are always amazed at how energy of SXSW pulses through the city of Austin. The excitement is infectious and at times it is hard to remember to slow down and enjoy. However, the one thing we’ve learned about attending this festival is that once you get there, plan to stay there all day. It is almost impossible to get in and out of the city, not to mention the parking situation — so having a well-planned bag is a must.

Here’s a peek at the basics in our SXSW survival list:

  • Mac Laptop  | we’ve got the new one, which is great for editing videos and photos on the spot)
  • Sony A7ii | In our opinion the best compact camera for capturing quality video + stills
  • 24-70 lens | allows for a decent distance range without being too bulky or too limiting
  • Lacie Hard Drive | for storing all that beautiful footage 😉
  • Sunglasses | we ALWAYS lose ours so these are freebies from the Mashable House
  • Janessa Leone Hat
  • Backpack ( from our local favorite Dylan Wylde)
  • Comfortable pair of Nike Airmax tennis shoes or a fine pair of boots depending on whether it is music or interactive ( we go a little more casual + sporty for the music portion)
  • Thunderbird + BoBo’s Oat Bars | Both gluten-free, no artificial sweeteners and they are gluten free!

LOST LOGOS | Under the Sun PR
Under the Sun has changed to another name that fits the company even more perfectly, so we are currently playing with new logo ideas for that, but in the meantime we decided to go ahead and share one of the logos from our process! As designers, sometimes projects change for the better but we still love the work we do and want to share, so we’ve decided to start posting some of our “lost logos.” Enjoy!

HOLIDAYS | It’s Halloween Season Again!
It’s our favorite time of year again — Halloween! Although we love the holiday we don’t like the gory decor it can sometimes come with in our own homes, so we try and find something a little more lighthearted ( and that goes with our current color palette) like these white skulls inspired by Dia De Los Muertos by Andrew Crosby. What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for Halloween?

HOLIDAYS | Happy Holidays from DMC!

Happy Holidays The DMC Team!

Big thanks to our talented friends In Your Eyes Photography for taking the great photos ! We can’t recommend them highly enough if you are getting married anytime in the near future they are some of the best in the industry — plus they are a pleasure to work with! We had such an amazing time!

EVENTS | Fall Headshot Event
We had an amazing time at our headshot event, thank you to everyone who came out to make this a success.

We also want to give a special shout-out to our PHENOMENAL hair and make-up team Alfonso Hernandez and Sarah Swofford! They are not only amazing artists, but they were just completely on-top of their game during this shoot. While juggling a hectic 3-set shoot, they also worked as our hype-team; they kept the energy level super high while simultaneously doing hair and make-up touch ups. We couldn’t have done it without them, and we think the photos speak for themselves. Thanks, Alfonso and Sarah!


M - F | 9am-5pm