EVENTS | Fall Headshot Event
We had an amazing time at our headshot event, thank you to everyone who came out to make this a success.

We also want to give a special shout-out to our PHENOMENAL hair and make-up team Alfonso Hernandez and Sarah Swofford! They are not only amazing artists, but they were just completely on-top of their game during this shoot. While juggling a hectic 3-set shoot, they also worked as our hype-team; they kept the energy level super high while simultaneously doing hair and make-up touch ups. We couldn’t have done it without them, and we think the photos speak for themselves. Thanks, Alfonso and Sarah!

DIY | Last-Minute “Inside Amy Schumer” Inspired Halloween Costume — Football Town Nights
“Ain’t it good to be the coach?”

This one is a lot of fun and not too much effort. If you’re wondering why the wine looks a bit cloudy in this photo, it’s because I used apple cider vinegar mixed with water — so nasty, but a great option if you’re not much of a wine drinker! If you haven’t seen the video, check it out at the bottom of this post.

*Bonus points for drawing Amy’s widow’s peak at the top of your head for the full look!


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TRAVEL | 4 Tips for Maximizing Your Trip to Costa Rica
When you tell people you’re traveling to Costa Rica, you hear the same statement, “I’ve been there, and you’re going to love it.” Typically I have chosen to make up my own mind about travel destinations, getting lost in the jungles of Honduras (figuratively) or discovering locations in the mountainous plains of Bolivia on my own terms. Costa Rica, however, lives up to its hype. From the cloud-covered slopes of the Arenal Volcano to the stunning fine sand beaches of Samara, the beauty of this country is riveting. My adventures tend towards the more rugged side, i.e. run a few kilometers to a waterfall in the morning, and do a little caving in the afternoon.  Costa Rica was perfect for that. The memories and photos I took from this place easily put this trip in the top 5 vacations of my life.

And with that said, I offer you these tips to really maximize your travels in the land of Pura Vida:

Skip the hotel. Rock the hostel.
With private bars and gorgeous pools featuring swim-up bars, the hostels in Costa Rica feel a lot like little private resorts. The real difference will be the wealth of enthusiastic international travelers you will meet and warm friendships you will form.
Listen to the guides.
Known for popular tours like mountain biking and zip lining, it would be easy to miss some of the hidden gems most travelers miss. A twenty minute conversation with a guide after a hiking tour one afternoon turned me onto an incredible cave tour. The tour was so off-the-radar of most tours that it ended up being a private guided tour, through the cave guide’s favorite portions.
Talk to the locals.
Not everything worth seeing is in the guide books. Posting up at a local bar, bumbling through my horrific Spanish, I started up a conversation. As the conversation turned to dating, the twenty-something told me about a unique tree hidden away in the forest near town. Long ago, vines had wrapped the fallen tree creating a jungle-gym-like ladder making it easy to climb into an adjacent treetop. The view from the top as the sun set across the valley was magical, well worth the purchase of two pints of Imperial.
Soda > Restaurant
A “soda” in Costa Rican Spanish doesn’t mean a soft drink, but smaller local restaurant. Common in even the most touristy areas, these little mom and pop eateries offer absolutely delicious meals at a fraction of the prices of nearby restaurants. What better way to get the local flavor, than getting the local flavor.

Costa Rica offers a wealth of amazing habitats and well-preserved wilderness. And if you were to ask me in person, I’d tell you ‘you should go there, you’re going to love it.’

DIY | Last-Minute DIY “Inside Amy Schumer” Inspired Halloween Costume — Plain Jane Detective
This is the lowest maintenance option, I actually took this picture right after going to the gym! The worse you look the better your Plain Jane Detective costume. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out for free on Comedy Central’s website.

* Surprisingly the crucial glasses piece was the hardest to find, so I ended up making a pair by popping the lenses out of a cheap set of aviators which worked great!

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DIY | Last-Minute “Inside Amy Schumer” Inspired Halloween Costume — Serial Killer Glasses
For girls who waited until the last minute, the “Serial Killer Glasses Store” sketch from Inside Amy Schumer is a super quick DIY costume. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out at the bottom of the post!

* Surprisingly, the crucial glasses piece was the hardest to find, so I ended up making a pair by popping the lenses out of a cheap set of aviators which worked great!

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WEDDINGS | Wedding Decor in Richmond, VA
In June we had the honor of providing decorations for an outdoor wedding held in Richmond, VA. The ceremony was held in historic Libby Hill Park, overlooking the James River which meanders through Richmond’s downtown. The view was a spectacular backdrop on its own, so the amount of decorations needed was very minimal. Also, having the wedding in a public park meant the decor had to go up (and come down) in a flash. So, we decided to work with delicate, fluttering garlands (we used a tutorial found on The House that Lars Built) and simple arrangements of fresh-cut hydrangeas.


M - F | 9am-5pm