DIY | 7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired by “Inside Amy Schumer” Sketches
It’s great to see that there is a huge trend in feminist costumes this year, but everyone is going to be “Sexy Ruth Bader Ginsburg” this year, so how about trying something different?  When it comes to bringing tough feminist issues up in a light and playful way through comedy Amy Schumer is the absolute best. So to celebrate to celebrate her humor here’s a couple last-minute DIY versions of the many costumes from her show Inside Amy Schumer.

Click on the post links for how to and to watch the original sketches that inspired the outfits!

# 1 Plain Jane Detective

My personal favorite — Halloween in sweats!

# 3 Football Town Nights

“Ain’t it good to be the coach?”

# 6 Lunch at O’Nutter’s

“Wet nut contest!”

# 7 Girl You Don’t Need Makeup

…but for this costume you actually need a ton of facepaint!

DIY | Gracias Cards

Check out these awesome cards Margaret, one of our founders, made! She’s got some serious screen printing skills!

DIY | Last-Minute “Inside Amy Schumer” Inspired Halloween Costume — Football Town Nights
“Ain’t it good to be the coach?”

This one is a lot of fun and not too much effort. If you’re wondering why the wine looks a bit cloudy in this photo, it’s because I used apple cider vinegar mixed with water — so nasty, but a great option if you’re not much of a wine drinker! If you haven’t seen the video, check it out at the bottom of this post.

*Bonus points for drawing Amy’s widow’s peak at the top of your head for the full look!


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DIY | Hand-Lettered Jock Jams T-Shirt
We had a cool vintage shirt that just said “Jock” and thought it would be infinitely cooler if it had “Jams” added to it. Brush-style lettering seemed like the perfect typographic style to contrast against the collegiate letters on the shirt, and from there the project fell into place.

After methodically filling-in the letters with seed beads and iridescent sequins, we flipped the hoop over and brushed matte decoupage medium over all of the loose threads, making sure to completely overlap the edges of the letters. The decoupage medium provides a three-fold benefit: it secures the loose beading threads (so they don’t loosen over time), it discourages future fraying of the cut edges of the letters, and it stiffens the fabric enough that the letters don’t warp when being placed as appliques.

Once the decoupage medium was dry, we cut out the letters one-by-one. Then, after pinning onto the shirt, we hand-stitched the letters onto the shirt. The finished shirt can be machine-laundered inside-out on the delicate cycle.



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