eRelevance Animated Infographic Video 

When creating eRelevance‘s new website we realized that the easiest way to get the complex nature of what the company does across was to create an informative video with motion graphics and they loved the results.




” Located in Austin, Texas, a heartbeat of culture and technology, eRelevance provides a Marketing Automation Service to small to medium-sized businesses.

Our founders, Robert Fabbio, Lance Obermeyer, and Timothy Smith collectively are associated with 12 start-ups that have created over $1.5B of shareholder value at time of exit.

In July 2013, they recognized that most small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford to pay for sophisticated marketing consultants or sophisticated marketing automation software.  So they went to work.

eRelevance wanted to produce the ULTIMATE way for a small to medium-sized company to generate business from its customers. What emerged is a Marketing Automation Service that is the perfect combination of marketing experts and sophisticated technology that eliminates cost, effort, and complexity.  Unlike others, we created a service that delivers great results at the right price.

Were taking customer marketing off the shoulders of the small to medium-sized business and placing it into the hands of marketing experts.”


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