Malia Grace


We created a modern edgy album cover for rising musician Malia Grace. Malia has toured with American Idol winners as a backup musician, performed at SXSW, featured on Jimmy Fallon.



Malia Grace’s first single, Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool, made headlines when it was exclusively released with good word by Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show in September 2015, followed by strong reviews in Vinyl magazine and elsewhere. Malia is set to release a new EP along with a few singles, including The One, Malia Grace’s oft-requested song that is a favorite at local weddings. In the new music, Malia’s songwriting reveals a more vulnerable yet strong side of herself with titles such as the soulful It Hurts Anyway, Fires Burning, and Lonely For Too Long. Just off a 30-city tour as musical director, keys player, and background vocalist for American Idol 2016 finalist, Dalton Rapattoni, Malia and Dalton opened for multi-platinum group Blue October, playing for a crowd of 3,500 people. As a solo artist, Malia Grace has showcased for packed houses at SXSW and CMJ in NYC. Malia was also awarded a Songwriter of the Year award (Bebobalooza). When Malia is not doing secular music, she helps lead worship at Riverbend Church with Austin legend, Casey McPherson, from Alpha Rev.

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