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This is the first time I’ve ever written praise for an agency, but Dos Mundos is a special case. In the wild west world that is digital marketing, Dos Mundos is the real deal ...

Led by none other than the true creative visionary and strategic brand expert, Kana LiVolsi, who cares about every single client as though it is her own child. Kana has shaped a team of talented communicators who have the presence, knowledge, and ability to take any brand or concept from chaos to clarity and make it shine. This is the one team with whom I turn to for advice rather than vice versa.

Kana herself is a recognized speaker on the topic digital marketing, with a natural way of engaging the audience and making even the most complex or abstract concepts both clear and interesting. Her impeccable leadership style is very well received by all audiences and I am most eager to host her as a featured speaker whenever she visits the University of Texas at Austin. Top global brands flock to Dos Mundos, not just for their expertise and extensive experience with numerous brands and scale of projects, but also for their ability to deliver and execute beyond promises and expectations.

Dos Mundos has had a lasting impact on every company I’ve ever known with whom I’ve referred, and changed the way I had thought about agency work. Kana is also very conscientious and will work hard to go above and beyond client deliverables – with an almost obsessive-like attention to detail and relentless work ethic, this is the team you want on your side. I could not provide a higher endorsement, in fact, it’s worth the investment to have the experience of working with them.


Real Results.

1,316% + AVG. ↑ To website in < 3 months.

2.8x AVG. ↑ in New Audience reached each month.

Breakdown x results

The Solution.

We created a fresh feel for the brand with inspiration from Outdoor Voices and Refinery29. Brighter, unisex color palettes and a more inclusive and diverse presence both in the styled shoots and social media presence — all in the span of a month, when we turned over the new brand and marketing strategies for them to move forward with to the Valeo team to move forward with and maintain in preparation for their meetings with many major whole sellers, which thanks to our teamwork with Amanda they were able to lock in a large percentage of.

This fresh branding allowed Valeo to regain footing in the fitness realm, got them back on the shelves and proved that they could pivot and are here to stay. In 2019 Valeo Fit’s goal of selling was accomplished as a result of the efforts made.