Your Capricorn New Year

We’re back y’all! After a busy December in the office and a very cherished few days spent with our families — we’re here to discuss the full run-through of your New Years in Capricorn!

From one sphere to another.
We’ve been quite preoccupied with the ball drop and counting down our last hours of 2018.
Let’s not forget however that January 5th brings a solar eclipse with a new moon in Capricorn — treat this like your own personal New Year.
We can all appreciate this astronomical reset button and use this time to really hone in on making changes in our professional processes. Capricorn, this is your moment to use that independent, serious nature and set aside several new responsibilities for yourself. Own your stage and lead the way in building solid and realistic plans for you and your loved ones.
Make it a group effort.
As they’re often masters of self control, you’ll want to hold onto your Capricorn friends a little closer as you navigate your New Years resolutions. They might be the ones giving you that extra spark when it comes to trekking forward in your 2019 intentions.
Remember not to try and implement too many routine changes at once! Different personalities move at different paces and it’s important to remember that everyone needs a bit of support in getting to where they want to be.
Ready to launch!
If you’ve been thinking of jumping lily pads or making any sort of horizontal career move, now’s your time! Allow the nearing solar eclipse to serve as the final sign you’ve been waiting for to trust your intuition and navigate the changes ahead.
On January 6, Uranus will move direct in Aries helping us to grab that momentum we’ll need to trek with a new rhythm towards spring. Focus on the long term or big picture and don’t be afraid to do away with last year’s habits that might be keeping you down — the cosmos have your back.