And we’re back! with another Astrol.IG post. I personally am so sad that virgo season is ending, says the virgo in me, me, me… but what can you do. Libras — now it’s your turn to be in the astrological spotlight. Let’s see what the planets are cooking up for you this month.


Libra season will start on a high note!

The Sun enters Libra on September 22 which means it’s time for you to hit the reset button. Tie up loose ends and start fresh. The new moon is just around the corner, so preparing yourself for this time of rebirth will allow you to flourish come October 8th. Nothing feels better than taking on the new lunar cycle with a plan. Libras are notoriously indecisive, but try your hardest this month to find tasks you want to channel your energy into fully by starting and finishing them.
Towards the very end of September, you might find yourself dealing with heavy emotions and extra sensitivity. I encourage you not to fight this Libra! Take your emotions as they come and use your prudent nature and keen intellect to understand where they’re coming from and why
Speaking of moody, this whole summer might have been a particularly tempramental time for you. Nearly half of the planets have been resting in retrograde for months, but fear not! This time is coming to an end and subsequently, you’re about to be propelled forward in your thinking, actions and relationships. With the coming of the new moon, I urge you to pick a passion project and focus on it for the next four weeks.

On October 24th, Venus sextiles Saturn.

This means that the powers that be will begin to cooperate smoothly, inspire and encourage one another. Venus, your ruling planet, represents love and harmony, while Saturn represents restrictions. Balance and limitation might seem like a match to curb all imagination, one of Libras biggest assets. However, all this really means is that you might be a bit more dependent on others for help. Take this opportunity to revive a business connection, ask your senior for help, reach out to the new guy and make something impressive, together. With your illustrious Libran charm, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble recruiting others for your team. You might also mention to your colleagues that, according to your horoscope, you’re said to have extra opportunities and good luck coming your way! A “Help me help you” type situation

Example A

No matter what your projects looks like this month, your work ethic is going to pay off. October is going to be a stellar time for you in the financial sector. Don’t ask me why — just thank your lucky stars and spend that influx of money wisely.


Things are looking up for you Libras. I hope you take this advice and live your birthday month to the fullest, in work and in play. I will leave you with this — Libras can always serve to carve out more time in their schedule for themselves. As much as you guys value balance, you sometimes forget to find it in areas other than work.