Happy National Lazy Day

Happy Friday everybody! I am so happy she’s finally arrived. Friday is my homegirl, my trusted bestie who never fails to come through at the end of a long, hard work week. She lifts my spirits. Her presence is a present. I know that once Friday rolls around, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Many of you may not know this… but a very special form of our friend Friday is upon us. Today is in fact a national holiday! A holiday for the movers and shakers like ourselves. A holiday for those who put in work all year long, even on Fridays. Today is national lazy day. A day dedicated to kicking it – old school, new school, don’t even go to school today because on lazy day, your only job is to do absolutely nothing!  

Okay, maybe not nothing. But the closer to lifelessness you can get, the better. Find your zen, align your chakras and do some cleansing ohms. Then light some candles, lie down on your couch, and don’t move again until it’s Saturday.

If you’re like me, sometimes taking a true load off can be a difficult task. But, no buts! Put down that pesky email chain, look away from the load of laundry sitting in your closet. And instead, channel your energy into this list of lazy day activities that I hope will inspire you and keep you busy being idle:

  1. Put on your favorite XXXL t-shirt (and go ahead, take off your pants)
  2. Start streaming your current Netflix binge (mine is and always will be Mad Men — queue swoon as I fall upon my fainting couch and dream about Jon Hamm for the rest of the afternoon) and don’t stop, even when Netflix asks, “Are you still watching?” Yes, Netflix, yes I am.  
  3. Grab some snacks — these days, I’m constantly munching matcha lattes and veggie straws. Guilty pleasure foods are also welcome! There’s no discrimination on my couch.
  4. Which brings me to my next tip — call in take out, pronto. Whether you’re craving pizza, chinese, or maybe even sushi, thou shalt not lift a finger today, except for the one that is dialing in your dinner order.
  5. Put on a face mask or paint your fingers and toes.
  6. Read a book or throw on a record. Maybe even do a crossword puzzle — you can still stimulate your brain while your body lies limply about.
  7. Attach a long string to the light switch on your wall so that should you need any extra light, all you have to do is pull.
  8. Make your cat rub your feet — you deserve it! Plus, everyday is his lazy day, it’s the least he could do.
  9. Take a long, hot bubble bath. Try and stay in until you’ve refilled the hot water at least three times and your fingers and toes resemble raisins.
  10. Go to bed early! After a full day of lounging, it’s understandable that you’d be pooped. Crawl from the couch to your bedroom, snuggle up with your pillows, and drift into the deepest slumber you’ve had in weeks. When you wake up tomorrow, you’ll be asking yourself what year it is. And more importantly — when will the nation be scheduling its next declared lazy day?

How heavenly does this day sound? You know what, I’m giving you permission to go ahead and turn this lazy day into a lazy weekend if you want. Like I said before, you deserve it! And so do I. Bye!