2018… Can you believe we are living in 2018?

For so long, the idea of 2018 felt like we’d be living in a Jetson-style society. The future seemed to hold the promise of a world equipped with robot maids and supernova shopping centers. With the Roomba and Alexa to help guide us through our daily chores, it’s fair to say we are one step closer to Jetson living than we thought. Even with their lives up in the clouds, The Jetsons still followed the rules of a completely normalized patriarchal society.

After a quick google search, apparently The Jetsons was supposed to be set in 2062—and white cis men were still the main gender in power at the time. I know, I know. It was a cartoon that originated in the 1960’s. It followed the Leave-It-to-Beaver cookie-cutter idea of women being the homemaker and men being the breadwinner (a little disheartening being in the midst of second-wave feminism). Still, it’s surprising to think that our American society has been so ingrained with the idea of women coming in second to men for so long that we just assumed that is how it would always be.

Flying cars or not… I guess our heads really were in the clouds, but don’t get too down! We aren’t about to break out into a full The Handmaid’s Tale epidemic. If 2018 has proved anything within its fetal months of development, it’s that the #bossbabe and #girlboss are gaining more momentum each and every day. It’s so encouraging to see women lifting each other up, holding men accountable for their actions, and taking charge of their own destinies.


So, what is the magic recipe for a #bossbabe?

It’s no secret that Sophia Amoruso takes the cake when it comes to being a self-proclaimed girlboss. Penning the best-selling book, #Girlboss, Amoruso explains:

“The energy you’ll expend focusing on someone else’s life is better spent working on your own. Just be your own idol.”

It has become the new normal to live vicariously through pictures on Instagram and follow influencers’ every move. With this lifestyle, it’s easy to get a major case of fomo or spend your time comparing yourself to others who look so perfect with a thousand filters layered on top and the brightness turned up to 80%. The idea behind being a #bossbabe is to look up to yourself and go after your own goals — not someone else’s.

This is the year of pivoting from jealousy to celebration of every women’s success. With every step we make individually, we rise as a group. Following the incredibly successful #TimesUp movement and even more women from diverse backgrounds becoming elected officials, 2018 has already proven the power of the female voice to move mountains.

This mindset has propelled women into building global brands, inspiring a fountain of millennials to create their own female-led businesses. Women have stopped looking at barriers to success due to their gender as fears and more as challenges — which has led to the rise of the #bossbabe.

The #bossbabe knows that she doesn’t actually have magic powers. She learns from her failures and openly shares them with aspiring women, so we can all grow together. She knows that you have to experience the lows to appreciate the highs. She knows the value of following your individual path with sincerity and never compromising your integrity for short-term gains. She reminds herself every day to selfishly carve-out time for self-care and self-love… because you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

Most of all, the #bossbabe is a mindset which can be adopted across genders. It’s a state of unwavering self-belief and conviction to follow your passions. The #bossbabe knows that every time we speak our minds, the glass ceiling continues to slowly (but surely!) chip away.

The #bossbabe speaks a brighter and more inclusive future into existence by creating it with her own two hands… and that is nothing short of magic.