Dos Mundos is pleased to welcome Chris Sebilia to the team. To learn more about our new creative powerhouse, we thought, “who better to conduct an interview than Chris himself?” Here are five questions for Chris…from Chris.

Chris: Thanks for sitting down with me Chris, I know we’re both busy.

Chris: You betcha Chris, anything for my biggest fan.

Chris: Awwww, thanks, that’s touching, but let’s get down to the questions. Why did you want to join up with Dos Mundos?

Chris: Great question Chris. Since we both have experience in a wide variety of design areas: photography, web design, filmmaking, I’m looking for collaborating with a team of designers who I can build off of, as well as learn from.

Chris: Really interesting stuff. You mentioned photography and filmmaking, what do you view as your key strengths?

Chris: Photography, whether for travel, head shots, or events, has always been a passion of mine. Definitely something I would be pursing even if I wasn’t being paid. I’m drawn to web design, almost more from the spite of using poorly made websites, than from the passion to make great ones. Finally I look forward to building on my existing marketing and branding experience, utilizing Kana as a great resource.

Chris: What a great answer! It in no way sounds candid or rehearsed.

Chris: Thanks, what else do you have for me?  

Chris: You mentioned Kana, what have you enjoyed about your new team members?

Chris: Another great question. Kana and I really vibe well. I really look forward to tapping into her wealth of experience. The hand lettering and graphics I’ve seen from Leslie have been really incredible. Her style of simplicity and elegance is really stunning. It’s been super fun hearing stories about Will’s work as an artistic director. Seems like there are few things he can’t build. Margaret has an amazing photographic eye, and I always look forward to hearing where’s she’s headed next.

Chris: Sounds like you really like them.

Chris: Yeah, we really like them.

Chris: Oh right, yeah WE do.

Chris: Get it right, please.

Chris: Well, you covered my big questions. Ummmmm, best Thai food in Austin?

Chris: Thai Fresh, in south Austin. Check out the massaman curry.

Chris: Hey, that’s my favorite, too. Oh right, of course it is. Final question, which ninja turtle do you see yourself as?

Chris: Good one. In team situations I often find myself leading, a bit like Leonardo in that way, but honestly having a science background, I have more in common with Donatello. Also I’m wicked with a bo staff.

Chris: Word. Lunch?

Chris: Yeah, I’m hungry too.